Please join us to send our congratulations to our twelve graduates in 2018. Best wishes to their transitions to college life in their chosen university/college. Below are the names of our excellent graduates and their proud parents.

  • Talia Chen, the daughter of Shun and Rebecca Chen, psychology, Calvin College.
  • George Chu, the son of Kevin Chu and Christina Gu, University of Michigan.
  • Selena Feng, the daughter of Yuxin Feng and Cong Liu, biology, University of Michigan.
  • Andrew Lu, the son of Min Lu and Wansu Chen-Lu, business, University of Michigan.
  • Maxwell Lu, the son of Yu and Weijun Lu, biochemistry and molecular biology, Michigan State University.
  • Amy Wang, the daughter of Bo Wang and Guo Sang, architecture and urban planning, University of Michigan.
  • Kevin Wang, the son of Fengshi Wang and Lihong Jiao, engineering, University of Michigan.
  • Ziyi Wang, the daughter of Jie Wang and Rong Ke, business, University of Michigan.
  • Destiny Wu, the daughter of Lishen Wu and Yuhang Shen, electrical engineering, University of Michigan.
  • Alexis Yang, the daughter of Paul and Evelyn Yang, communicative sciences and disorders, Michigan State University.
  • Irene Yi, the daughter of Su Yi and Li Zhang, Lingustics and psychology, University of California-Berkeley.
  • Kellie Zhou, the daughter of Yong Zhou and Jian Yu, business, Michigan State University.

We are so proud of you, graduates and families! Job well done!!!