Please DONATE and SHARE posting! The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. As Michiganer, we must stand together to battle the virus! CAWM is committed to helping but will need everyone's help!! 🙏

Our mission is to:
1. Procure PPE supplies to protect our courageous frontlines.
2. Assist families affected by the crisis.

Your contribution will be greatly appreciated. ❤️ Please shout out a positive word that comes to mind after you have donated!! THANK YOU!!

Click here to donate:

CAWM has raise $14,000 and donated more than 3,000 masks to medical facilities and families in need thus far. We are looking to purchase more and would appreciate your donation of any amount to continue our efforts to reach more organizations and families. Let's stand in solidarity to fight this!! 👍❤️