Acupuncturist - Dr. Zhiqun Zhou

Acupuncturist - Dr. Zhiqun Zhou

Dr. Zhiqun Zhou, graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University on 1975, educated in both western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Zhou awarded “Marie Curie” bursary by Commission of the European Communities and completed her postdoctoral fellowship in University of Liverpool, School of Medicine on 1994. She is board-certified acupuncturist and has been practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) in University of Michigan at 1998 and in Wege Center since 1999.

Dr. Zhiqun Zhou has had considerable success since she started practicing in west Michigan area. She helped people with all kinds of ailment, which including asthma, cold or flu, migraine, headaches, insomnia, bell’s palsy, pain management, menstruation problems, premenopause syndrome, multiple sclerosis, mental-emotional problem, post stroke syndrome, gastro-intestinal disorder, hearing loss, drug or food addiction, smoke secession and so on. Dr. Zhou has been performed acupuncture anesthesia for spinal fusion surgery, mastectomy, hip replacement, hernia repair… which greatly reduced the side effect from conventional anesthesia agents. Dr. zhou successfully helped a few dozens of infertile couples have children by TCM or in conjunction with IVF procedure. She attended International Congress on Traditional Medicine on April 2000, and presented her paper in the meeting. More than 10 articles published in International and Chinese medical Journals.

In addition to Dr. Zhou’s busy clinical schedule, she gave educational seminar and speech for professional groups and the community from time to time. She lectured in the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University, Aquinas college, Calvin College, West Michigan Brain Injury Symposium, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Grand Rapids TV station, Grand Valley Health Plan… etc. She was also involved in the teaching course for the medical and nursing students in the Wege Institute of Mind Body and Spirit in Saint Mary’s Medical Center.

Dr. Zhou is now retired and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. She likes traveling with her husband Xixiang He, playing table tennis, reading, writing, doing yoga, playing the harp, etc. She also takes classes and lectures at several local universities from time to time.